Edwin helps people develop good security habits.


Most security breaches are caused by human behavior and the average breach costs $3.9M.

Most people don’t even know what good habits are, and having them be second nature rarely happens at even the most secure company.

Edwin helps people develop good security habits by transforming them into simple, interactive missions. These missions use proven learning and behavior design techniques to create habits that will keep individuals and their organizations secure. And, in turn, individuals can use the skills they learn to keep their family and home secure.

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“Behavior design and learning experience underpins every single Edwin mission. Each mission is a powerful stand-alone tool, but collectively they have incredible impact.”

Human Behavior

Edwin reduces risks.

Most organizations don’t understand their security risks. Breaches, vulnerabilities, and hacks are growing exponentially. Current tools and awareness training are not succeeding in addressing the most important element: human behavior.

Data leaks

Data leaks

Possibly the most destructive risk in a business is the exposing or theft of its clients’ or customers’ personal information. Yet this risk plays out daily in the news.

Ransomware and malware

Ransomware and malware

Ransomware and malware are so widespread that infections are hard to predict and detect, even by governments. Prevention is the most effective cure.

Rogue employee

Rogue employee

Top employees, managers, and executives can damage a company’s reputation and disrupt it’s business if they leave under poor circumstances.

Unauthorized access

Unauthorized access

Most employees and even third parties have access to sensitive data they don’t need, creating tremendous risk.

Targeted attacks

Targeted attacks

Targeted attacks are getting easier and more common, whether compromising your wifi network, your two factor authentication, or your crypto assets.

Vendor risk

Vendor risk

Most risk is outside your organization, in the vendors, freelancers and contractors that you work with. Existing security tools don’t address their risks.

Understand and reduce the risk of being compromised by making lasting changes to employees cybersecurity knowledge, behavior and habits.

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Human Behavior

Edwin provides an easy, practical, and habit-forming way to help organizations change not just what they know about cybersecurity, but what they do.




Security policies are written in convoluted legalese and are rarely put into practice.

Policies and procedures presented as bite-sized, actionable missions that are engaging and interactive.

People scan for computer viruses but still use guessable and hackable passwords.

Learning and behavior change principles that people put into practice to become more secure.

Most security behaviors are too difficult for people to follow.

Easy, practical and habit-forming ways to help organizations change not just what they know about cybersecurity, but what they do.

There is often no accountability and transparency on what people do or don’t do.

Missions that help people perform actions that enhance the security of their organization … and prove it.

Security training and awareness programs don’t engage users and communicate through fear.

Effective triggers for when to start, continue, and complete a security mission.

Phishing simulations try to catch out employees so they can be disciplined, creating a culture of fear.

Missions delivered on how to improve security in response to real time threats.

“We specifically designed our missions to help develop habits that apply not only to cybersecurity, but for creating changes across all areas of life.”

Changing security behaviors for the world’s best teams and organizations

Help secure the people in your organization—their work and their lives.