designed for humans.

Edwin is a radically new approach to cybersecurity that’s designed with human behavior change at its core.

What We DO

We help organizations achieve security best practices through human behavior


Changing human behavior through ‘missions‘

We have transformed leading security compliance frameworks into bite-sized, human-centric, actionable learning experiences that we call ‘missions‘.

Building competence through learning design

Every Edwin mission is designed to enable users to practice a security action that builds confidence, competence, and changes behavior to enhance security.

Customized to your unique security needs

Whether working through SOC 2 compliance, vendor security requirements, or simply establishing a baseline security posture, Edwin can be customized to your unique situation.

“We've designed bite-sized missions that build on what you already know to create lasting behavior changes with huge impact on security.”

The Essence

Practice that drives behavior change

The goal of every Edwin “mission” is to help people practice a security action that boosts confidence and builds competence so they can easily perform the behaviors that enhance security for themselves, their families, and their organizations.


We guide users through the simplest of steps to become the most secure they've ever been.


We’ve ditched cybersecurity jargon to make critical security practices accessible, easily actionable and, most of all, human.


We check in regularly to help your organization foster a security mindset based on real human behavior, habits, and actions.


When security is boring, it’s easy to ignore. We believe that security can be engaging, fun, and can build better human habits that impact all areas of life.

With just an email, we enroll new employees into our security program guaranteeing they start their first day practicing good security habits.

Our Commitment

Experience that drives engagement

We don’t believe in using fear to change human behavior. Rather, our platform engages 
people with facts and choices, impacting behavior, mindset, and culture—
not just security awareness.


How we engage

We use a simple conversational interface to prompt and engage users. Integrating with familiar workflow environments like email, Slack, and chat makes engagement easy, fun, and simple to do.

How we motivate

In behavior change, motivation is overrated. We make actions short, simple, relevant and fun. We then repeat them so they build into long term habits.

How we verify

We ask users to “oath” that they have performed security behaviors, and then verify the oath with actual proof. These form an audit trail that users own and build on over time.

How we personalize

We differentiate between competent and novice users and adjust the experience accordingly. Already an expert? Just prove you’re already secure and move on.

“Based on the UK’s Cyber Essentials and the US’s NIST framework, Edwin’s ‘missions’ help change the security behaviors that impact people, their families, and their organizations.”

How it Works

A platform dedicated to keeping you secure.

Edwin is built around creating human behavior change, taking micro steps to create better habits that directly impact your security.

Always-on behavioral securityAlways-on behavioral security

Employees receive weekly missions with step-by-step instructions that improve their security in less than 10 minutes.

Crafted for youCrafted for you

No organization is the same, and nor are your risks. Our ‘missions‘ are crafted to match your needs, and to create lasting, trackable, changes.

Track your progressTrack your progress

Edwin tracks the progress of both your users and your organization as a whole. Watch as your security position changes, habit by habit, click by click.

Monitor evolving threatsMonitor evolving threats

We keep you aware of threats as they occur in real time, providing step by step actions to keep you secure, risk-free, and ahead of the game.

Prove your security to othersProve your security to others

We keep you aware of threats as they occur in real time, providing step by step actions to keep you secure, risk-free, and ahead of the game.

Distributed across your businessDistributed across your business

From manager level security risks to users, Edwin is designed to make a big impact on security throughout your organization.

“Edwin provides an easy, practical, and habit-forming way to help organizations change not just what they know about cybersecurity, but what they do.”

Changing security behaviors for the world’s best teams and organizations


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