Edwin’s missions help change the security behaviors that impact people, their families,
and their organizations.

  • Change people’s behaviors
  • Create lasting security habits
  • Demonstrate ROI to your organization
  • Dynamically update as the security landscape changes

Mission Types

Missions to tackle any security behavior.

One-time missions

Device and service-specific missions such as setting up 2-factor authentication, and ensuring computers have password locks.

Preventive missions

Ongoing security best practices such as not forwarding work email to personal accounts, and locking computers when away.

Dynamic missions

Changes to the external threat landscape trigger new security behaviors such as events that might require new software updates.


A library of hundreds of “missions” to secure people and organizations.


Employee missionsEmployee missions

Edwin provides organizations with the most impactful security behaviors to immediately improve their security posture. Our employee missions provide the quickest 
time to value from any security product on the market. Onboard and deploy Edwin Essentials to your team in under 10 minutes.

Employee behavior insights with a real ROI

  • Edwin helps employees understand the importance of good security hygiene, both for themselves as individuals and for the companies they work for.

  • Individuals can implement our best practices (such as password managers, two-factor authentication, and detection of phishing attacks) both at the office and at home.

  • The delivery of interactive missions, our conversational interface, and our use of spaced repetition are all designed to go beyond simply raising awareness. They directly change behavior by building better habits.


Manager missionsManager missions

Edwin provides a set of customized security missions for individuals responsible for the services and infrastructure of an organization. Think of these missions as your virtual CISO—a set of recommendations that help secure your teams, processes, and tools in the best way possible.

Business risk insights with a real ROI

  • Edwin reduces the risk of security breaches by helping businesses implement best practices and respond to real-time threat scenarios.

  • Edwin helps establish internal security, organize roles and responsibilities, set internal policies, and enable business continuity.

  • Edwin helps prove—down to a granular level—your organization’s compliance. Our missions map to many compliance standards and can be customized to fit your unique needs, from SOC II to HIPAA.

Implement and prove your compliance while driving behavioral changes that 
have lasting impact

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Helping secure businesses around the world

Edwin drives change in your organization’s security posture, whatever your industry and expertise.

Financial Services & BankingFinancial Services & Banking

The financial services sector is rapidly evolving, and is the most targeted vertical for security risks. Edwin stays on top of the threat and regulatory landscape to help keep your organization on top of the latest security requirements with ease.


With technology as the foundation of schools and universities, attackers are drawn to this sector due to the sensitive nature of personal information on students, faculty, and staff.


Security incidents are on the rise in healthcare organizations,and traditionally they have been slow to respond. Edwin makes HIPAA compliance the cornerstone of our healthcare missions.


Startups move fast. They bring on third parties as fast as they hire employees and acquire users. By embracing cybersecurity priorities from day one, security norms are more easily extended to new team members and third parties as the company grows and scales.


Bitcoin and other digital alternatives are booming, but regulators and governments struggle to figure out norms and standards governing currency. Edwin’s crypto security missions get at the heart of the kinds of vulnerabilities that cybercriminals try to exploit.

Due Diligence in M&ADue Diligence in M&A

Today, M&A transactions require an increased level of understanding in the nature and significance of security risks and potential scope of the damage that may occur in the event of a security breach or incident. Edwin’s bundle helps measure security effectiveness and charts a course on security practice to protect all parties involved.

Mergers and acquisitions are huge potential risks for significant security threats. Edwin’s approach makes due diligence easier for a safe and secure transaction.

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Our missions are built on government-backed standards that help protect your organization.

Edwin protects your organization - whatever its size - against a vast variety of common cybersecurity risks. Based on the UK’s Cyber Essentials and the US’s NIST framework, Edwin’s missions help change the security behaviors that impact people, their families, and their organizations.


Edwin Essentials

A set of security missions for individuals, employees, and organizations that cover behaviors related to company data, passwords, emails, work areas, working remotely, and more.

Industry missions

Every industry has unique security needs. Edwin’s industry-specific missions are tailored to these requirements whether in banking, education, healthcare, or other verticals.

Regulatory missions

Edwin provides a set of tailored missions that cover regulatory cybersecurity compliance related to data protection and privacy. Missions cover compliance for HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, SOC 2, SOX, and more.

Platform security

Whether you’re a business owner or IT director, ensure you’re getting the most out of your existing tools. Edwin has designed missions that ensure you are using the most secure configurations of software such as Office 365, G Suite, Dropbox, Slack, and AWS.

“Changing behaviors starts with understanding risk and taking small steps to make habits that last.”

Changing security behaviors for the world’s best teams and organizations

Help secure the people in your organization—their work and their lives.