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Edwin at-a-glance

Crafted for youCrafted for you

No organization is the same. Nor are your risks. Our “missions” are tailored to match your needs, actively mitigate risks, and achieve active compliance to create lasting, trackable changes.

Always-on behavioral securityAlways-on behavioral security

Employees receive weekly missions with step-by-step instructions that improve their security in 10 minutes or less.

Track your progressTrack your progress

Edwin tracks the progress of both your users and your organization as a whole. Watch as your security posture improves habit-by-habit, click-by-click.

Stay ahead of threatsStay ahead of threats

We keep you aware of threats as they occur in real-time, providing step-by-step actions to keep you secure, risk-free, and ahead of the game.

Prove your security to othersProve your security to others

Our reports help you prove your security to your clients, investors, and partners. Anyone who wants to do business with you knows that you are a secure organisation with a provable audit trail.

Beyond your organizationBeyond your organization

Risks are distributed across everyone you do business with. Edwin helps you to push your security requirements beyond your organization your contractors, partners,
vendors, and third parties.

Help secure the people in your organization— from their work life and beyond.

Changing security behaviors for the world’s best teams and organizations